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The N00b in League of Legends


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So I have recently gotten into League of legends and I have found it surprisingly good. I never thought that I would ever enjoy a moba but here we are. I have found that i fit well as a support and have the most success in this role, but I wanted to try my hand at jungling. Does anyone have any tips or information that can help me get the hang of this unfamiliar role?
When learning to jungle, go into bot games and learn how to clear - returning to base as little as possible, make sure you’re using your time wisely (Ganking when you have no Jungle mobs up) and keep an eye on your lanes so you can help push the game in your favor. Also make sure you’re keeping track of the enemy jungler, if it’s a weak early Jungle champion (Jarvan) push that advantage and take his Jungle, and if you can get your team to pressure the lanes - try to fight and kill them, but if the enemy has a very strong early Jungle (Aatrox) then play passive until you can fight him on a even playing field and make sure you counter gank so they don’t get free kills.


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I have been doing a little research into jungle paths and the such and I am starting to see what you mean. I have been using Yi and doing a really standars buff to buff run for an oposite lane gank and It seems to be working out a little. I am still trying ot get used to it as a whole. My biggest problem I have found is that I am used to playing suport. Playing agressive and pushing like you do in jungle is somewhat foreign tp me. I'm working on it and thankfully I am starting to see some of the strategy for jungle. Thanks for the tips bud!
I used to play it but I get bored then have decided to stop. I honestly don't prefer using phone and tablet in playing, I prefer console and computer. Enjoy it while it last.

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