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The F2S: Stronghold Server is back!


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Garry's Mod - F2S: STRONGHOLD


That's right! We have our Stronghold server back up and better than ever! This Team Deathmatch-styled gamemode has a nice twist to it, allowing it's players to build and defend their own bases which may or may not harbor their own preset spawn points, where in some cases can give a team the upper advantage of having the best score at the end of the map. On our server, you and your team have 1 hour to be the best before the map changes. More incentive to play is coming soon.

To connect, you can type into your console "connect" or simply search for it in the server lists.
SERVER NAME: Earth2Luke.com | F2S: Stronghold | 35 Props

There's lots of customizations on the server that you'll notice right away if you've ever had the opportunity to enjoy this gamemode in it's heyday. Let us know what you think, and have fun!

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Earth2Luke is a gaming community that was founded in 2013 by the community leader known as Luke. It all started from Hidden: Source, a mod you could play for free on steam, made from the source engine. From there, the community jumped around games from Garry's Mod to ARK, from Stronghold to RUST, and no who knows what's to come next. You'll just have to join and find out! :D


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