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Stardew Valley Multiplayer!!


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I know most of you have probably never heard of Stardew Valley, let alone played it but I'm very excited for this because that game has a special place in my heart. So as a brief introduction to the game itself, Stardew Valley is a wholesome game where your character moves from an office job in a big city to a farm in (you guessed it) Stardew Valley. As you inherit this land from your Grandpa, you must go around and get to know the locals and develop complex relationships with as many of the 28 residents of this small town as you would like. If you want, you can even marry one of them!

This game is very in depth and even from the very start, you can tell that the developers of this game have really put a lot of care into it. The biggest problem I had with this game was that sometimes I felt alone, even surrounded by charismatic NPCs and felt like I would enjoy the game more if I could play with friends. So you can imagine my surprise and joy when I saw a post that Stardew Valley had just released a multiplayer mode for beta testing!

Now as pleasant as this sounds, there are a few issues still. Overall, it works great! There has only been one crash I've had and there is not much in the way of lag or bugs, however there are a few things that need to be tweaked. Firstly, there is a way to abuse a duplication glitch. This glitch happens a lot by accident and can definitely happen intentionally because whenever you go to harvest your crops or pick up a sea urchin or a gold bar out of the furnace, if you click to pick it up at the same time as another player does, then you both pick it up and double what you had before. Like I said, small bug but it should still be fixed. Secondly, and this is my biggest problem with the game right now, is that you cannot manage who can play in the server and the buildings are shakey. To elaborate, I initially started a farm with just me and one friend. Later on in the day, another friend hopped on and was excited to play with us. So we tried building another cabin for him but the cabin would not show up in Robin's menu. So we started a new farm where the second cabin was already built and played like that for a full season until someone else came along and wanted to join, but this time the cabin was available to build after I restarted the server. So it was a bit unreliable and I can handle that, but then something happened and the 4th player no longer could play with us and we wanted someone else to take his spot. This is the part where I don't like how they set it up. So we send the new 4th an invite and he could not join. Well this was because that final cabin we built can only be used by the first player who took residency in that cabin, and nobody else could replace that. Naturally, our first thought was to destroy that cabin and rebuild it so that it was fresh and unused. However, demolishing and removing buildings is not available for cabins so we could no longer do that and he could not play with us.

This is a huge problem for me, especially because I'm a full year into the game and really would not like to start fresh for the second time. As a solution I would like for there to be a menu for the host player to be able to kick players out of the game entirely, even if it deletes their inventory and relationship progress. Or simply just add the option to delete a cabin and rebuild it, or even allow a player to use the same cabin as another player while they are not online.

On a final note, I am a busy man. I'm not always able to play with my friends when they want to play, and as the host player, there is not much I can do about that to help them. The developers of Stardew Valley need to make some system where there is the ability to make a non-dedicated server so that my friends can still play even when I cannot. I would just afk sit in the server while my friends play, but I would have to periodically enter my bed so I don't pass out and lose money from our joint bank accounts, and time would keep moving even if they're not in the server with me. Give us an option so that my friends can join the farm whenever, and time will only pass while at least one player is online.

P.S. 10/10 game because my friend made a purple duck lady as his character named Salty Cumrag and I have the ability to marry that abomination


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We've all had moments like these in games over the years. There's always quirks and annoyances that could be so easily solved, but seem to take forever to even get acknowledged by the developers. I've heard about this game by many of my online friends, and even friends in-person. I've given it a try a couple of times, but just can't get into it personally. It's awesome that this game has made it's way into your heart, though. I definately have my share of games like that. Hidden: Source, for one. And because I'm ancient... Quake II (Multiplayer). <3

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