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Management RUST Server Rules (2017)

AUSTIN Feb 21, 2017


    Management Root

    1. No hacking/exploiting.
      Perm Ban

    2. Do not spam chat/console.
      Warn>Gag>Kick>Temp Ban>Perm Ban

    3. Do not advertise.
      Warn>Temp Ban>Perm Ban

    4. Do not use excessive, inappropriate language.
      Warn>Mute/Gag>Kick>Temp Ban>Perm Ban

    5. No prejudice names/nicknames/language.
      Warn>Temp Ban>Perm Ban

    6. Do not impersonate a staff member.
      Warn>Kick>Temp Ban>Perm Ban

    7. Do not reveal someone else’s personal information.
      Temp Ban/Perm Ban (Varies on severity)

    8. Do not build/paint something offensive.
      (like a swastika)
      Warn>Kick>Temp Ban>Perm Ban

    9. Do not look for loopholes.
      If it seems like a place you shouldn’t be, don’t try and find a way in
      2 Warnings>Kick>Temp Ban>Perm Ban

    10. Obey all staff orders.
      Warn>Kick>Perm Ban
    Rust Moderators / Admins
    Moderators only spawn items that help do their job
    Moderators are allowed to spawn resources in certain instances. This includes discreet and limited spawning of low-tier items for the following purposes: community projects or building events (like arenas), removal of hate symbols, etc.

    Playing as a moderator / Admin
    Aside from community events, moderators on E2L servers do not participate in normal gameplay while administrating. Instead, we encourage our moderators to experience the full range of Rust gameplay. This does not apply to E2L senior leadership.