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Rust Server: It's ALIVE!


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IP ADDRESS: rust.earth2luke.com:28015
Join us on our Rust server where the resource gather rate is 20x the original rate, as well as countless other little tweaks and addons to enhance your game playing experience on the map, Hapis Island.

Server Name: "US Earth2Luke 20X/InstaCraft/TP/Quicksmelt/NoLadder"

Main Server Addons: Instant Craft, Teleportation/Homes, Clans & Friends, Quicksmelt+, NoLadder, AlphaLoot/BetterLoot, FancyDrop, BGrade, Cornucopia, EnhancedHammer, Everlight, FriendlyFire, HammerTime, HandyMan, Kits, NightLantern, NoDecay (Stone+), NoEscape, NoSash, Recycle, RemoverTool, SignArtist, SkipNightVote, StackSizeController, and so much more!

The server wipes only for official wipes; typically once a month. There are some donor perks, and active staff than if not in-game, can be contacted via our Discord Server at [discord.gg/BKcGtqU]
OR you can report a player by using !report <user> <reason> while in-game. The repost will tag our staff members in a private channel notifying them of your need for help in the Rust server.

If you can't find it and would like to connect, here's how to join the server.
- Start the game RUST through your Steam Library.
- Press F1 to open up the command input console.
- Type-in without quotes... "client.connect rust.earth2luke.com:28015"
- Press [ENTER] on your keyboard -or- [RETURN] for those older keyboards.
- By now, your game should be attempting to connect to our Rust server.

If for some reason you are unable to connect, that could mean that the server is down, or your region/ISP is restricting connectivity to the server.
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