• Finally! The forums are back up and ready for posts! Sorry it took so long. Who knew so much would be going on since the last update? Anywho, feel free to post as your hearts desire, but as usual, let's keep it relevant and clean(ish). If you have any questions, comments, or concerns... feel free to message Luke!

Post Your Pets 😸

Post your pets here!

Please only post pictures/videos of your pets here, and make sure there is no other faces shown in the content other than your own. Blur/cover/crop-out other people's faces in the content if they are present. Make sure when you do post, there is no gore, nudity, or illegal activity. Let's keep this fun, safe, and fluffy!
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What is Earth2Luke?

Earth2Luke is a gaming community that was founded in 2013 by the community leader known as Luke. It all started from Hidden: Source, a mod you could play for free on steam, made from the source engine. From there, the community jumped around games from Garry's Mod to ARK, from Stronghold to RUST, and no who knows what's to come next. You'll just have to join and find out! :D


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