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Our Hidden: Source Server is Unhidden!


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Some of you may remember the game that started it all for the Earth2Luke Gaming Community, Hidden: Source! Well, we've launched our server exactly the way that it was 7 years ago, minus a couple of things that no longer work due to certain updates, but it's close enough!!! Anywho, we invite you to join us as we soak in the nostalgia on our Hidden: Source server, and embrace the tweaks that are E2L; such as low gravity, better energy for subject 617, and crazy physics! Lots of custom work went into the making of this server over the many years that it existed, so please enjoy!

Download Hidden: Source
CLICK :xb_sta: Download from ModDB.com

Connect to our server
  • Open the console with the tilde key at the top-left of your keyboard.
    • It looks like... [ ~ ] or [ ` ] (typically under the [ESC] Escape Key).
  • Enter in, without quotes: " connect hdn.earth2luke.com:27015 "
  • By now you should be downloading our server content, or connecting to the server.
If for some reason you cannot download the server content because of "missing map" or something similar, you may need to enter in a couple more commands into your console, allowing your computer to access these files.

Enter in... " cl_downloadfilter all "
As well as... " cl_allowdownload 1 "

This will enable your computer to download the server's custom content and maps, allowing you to connect!


What is Earth2Luke?

Earth2Luke is a gaming community that was founded in 2013 by the community leader known as Luke. It all started from Hidden: Source, a mod you could play for free on steam, made from the source engine. From there, the community jumped around games from Garry's Mod to ARK, from Stronghold to RUST, and no who knows what's to come next. You'll just have to join and find out! :D


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