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So a lot of us have been enjoying a certain Rust server, as of lately. But only up to the extend because we started putting time and effort into it. After a while, a few of us agreed to find another server after the next wipe. I'd love for us all to WANT to play on our own Rust server but the biggest crux of it is the population, which can be fixed with a little participation from the locals. But I will discuss that later on in this post.


I'd like to know what YOU guys and gals think we should do in order to make our Rust server better! What should it be called? What should the banner & description for it look like and say? What plugins/addons should we add? Which plugins/addons should we remove? How should some of the current and additional settings/configuration for the server and it's plugins work? What's an if-then scenario that could better help explain the functionality of something? staffing? donor perks? kits? etc. I wanna know what you all think so I can absorb all of THAT information and hopefully produce a better-liked gaming experience for not only our community, but anyone else that joins from here on out!

Here's three links that will send you to the top Rust addon/plugin galleries on the net. If you find something external, please provide the link to it in order to help better explain it's usage on our server.

:xb_sta: https://oxidemod.org/plugins/categories/rust.24/
:xb_sta: https://oxidemod.org/plugins/categories/universal.58/
:xb_sta: https://www.chaoscode.io/resources/categories/rust.2/

Going back to what was said earlier about local participation... What do I mean by that? Well, it's totally cool if you don't play on our server and would prefer another. You're not like obligated to only play on E2L servers for a game. That's not what we're about here. However, if you DO play on another server, don't be alarmed or offended if an E2L member simply asks "why?" Without the "why" part, how are we to know what to do in order to better ourselves and not only attract your attention, but potential future members for the E2L community. Help us, help you.

Another point of local participation is the mention of there "not being enough people on the server." Well that's an easy fix with local participation! We don't exactly have the funds to go out and make a crapton of advertising for the server. Most people just browse the server-list and choose a server from the information provided there anyway. More people tend to join a server with a population, yeah, but that has to start somewhere. Typically it's the members of the gaming community that the server is built around. Thank you to those that have put some hours in our server; you're awesome. But in order to grow, we are most likely going to need consistency. Instead of dedicating your time playing on a competitor's server, let us know what we can do to convince you to want to play on our server. Invite your friends! Get them involved with the Discord! Have them join us and the community.

Any other ideas/information pertaining this thread is welcome.
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Honestly, the server itself is perfect but it could maybe use a few additions. Maybe some extra kits. The one thing I mainly would like to see incorporated ks SkinBox for poor people like me to see dank skins in game without having to buy them.



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A few things i think should be considered to change on the server as it currently is.
First i think the ability to build should still stand even in raid block. It gives an unfair advantage to raiders on a server that is already giving an unfair advantage to raiders. I know this wont be considered for whatever reason but i feel strongly about it, so
Secondly i think a crossbow would be much more suitable of a starting weapon than a revolver. A revolver is a gun that can kill someone in mere moments regardless of what armor they have. Its shaky, its got alot of recoil but it is still an effective gun. The crossbow on the other hand is something that is very suitable for self defense, killing animals, things people need when they spawn. I don't think the point of the spawn kit should be raid and base defense, i think it should be for helping everyone get a good start and survive until they can make something of themselves.
Also i think the hammer shouldn't be removed from fast craft. I don't know if you know about it or not, the only real reason i could think that it was removed from fast craft is to prevent attempts to crash the server? but the same could be done with rocks, building plans, a lot of things are cheaper than a hammer and could be used. So address that how you like.
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First i think the ability to build should still stand even in raid block. It gives an unfair advantage to raiders on a server that is already giving an unfair advantage to raiders.
I'm just afraid someone will place a wall right back up where someone just C4d their way in. But you tell me the game doesn't allow you to build in a recently destroyed spot; which I guess I've yet to notice. If that's the case, then I'm all for it, but I'd love to get some more opinions on the matter before anything happens with it.

Secondly i think a crossbow would be much more suitable of a starting weapon than a revolver.
I'm all for this one. I only did the revolver as a sort of "edge appeal" for people that first joined. I personally prefer the crossbow over it, so this is perfect for anyone like me. It's also good because now when new-spawners die, their looted bodies won't provide so much dang pistol ammo to the point where clans just have a chest of only pistol ammo in their base because of that one person that hoards absolutely everything, lol!

Also i think the hammer shouldn't be removed from fast craft.
I was actually unaware of this, and didn't intend for it to be that way. Someone had brought it to my attention a little bit ago, and I simply forgot to look into it. I'll gladly make the changes now unless someone interjects. As far as spamming rocks and whatnot, that falls under the No Spamming portion of the rules, and staff can simply remove that person if it becomes a problem.
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