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How I Made My Servers

Luke May 10, 2014

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  1. Luke

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    I am constantly asked the question "How do I make a server?" Well, let's get one thing straight; I am not, and never will be technical support for possible competition. What do I mean by competition? I mean, helping someone create a server that could potentially take away people from my servers. Also, I will respectfully decline the idea of you "hosting a server for me." It causes too many problems, and I really don't have time to help with E2L setup. I will simply refer you to google it; because that is exactly how I learned.
    Anyway... Here's a quick, brief explanation on how I've hosted my servers in the past, and currently for some of my servers now.

    First, you should know there are many types of servers; we're going to talk about two types. The first type is known as a "Listen Server," which can typically be created by going into the game you wish to host, and choosing the menu option "Create Game." This type of server will close down if you, (the host), were to disconnect.

    Why is this? Well, this is because that type of server is hosting from within the game, using the same port you're playing as. Commonly, this port is 27015. What is a port, you may ask? A port is an application-specific or process-specific software construct serving as a communications endpoint in a computer's host operating system. This means your router will only allow information transferred for that specific application. For example, steam uses ports 27015-27099 traditionally. Those aren't the only ports Steam uses, just in-case you were wondering.

    Another type of server you could host, which normally costs money if done efficiently, is called a "Dedicated Server." Dedicated servers are commonly hosted in a popularized area such as California, Texas, Florida, or Atlanta. This is because server companies like to be closer to larger populations in order to have a better chance at reducing latency for the users; the closer you are to the server, the less time it takes for the server to respond to a command. Good servers will cost well over $100 a month. Why is this? Well, essentially, you're renting complete usage of a computer, which will not be shared by other people. This cost will be applied to people on the other end maintaining it, keeping it upgraded, backed up, and in most cases hold a secure, stable, and impressive connection. Not to mention, most server companies have power generators to back them up in-case of a power outage.

    Dedicated servers are what most successful gaming communities use. However, the E2L community has done something slightly different. Because of the internet and technology today, soon renting dedicated servers will be a thing of the past. The E2L community currently runs self-applied dedicated servers from a home. And no, I didn't use that stupid Hamachi bullcrap. How the hell is this possible? Well, let me tell you.

    Every broad instruction you're about to get is vital. Unfortunately, I am unwilling to get into specifics with them. To know more about each instruction, you're going to have to google it. First, you're going to want to make sure appropriate ports are opened. Without these ports opened, your server will not appear in the steam server list, and not allow anyone access. Next, you're going to need to educate yourself on how to install and use SRCDS.exe. That's Source: Dedicated Server, (NOT the one in the steam tools list; that crap's broken). An alternative would be using this server hosting tool that I currently use, called "seDirector." Keep in-mind that THAT tool does not support every game. Next, you're going to have to set up your server config file. In there, just as a precaution, you're going to want to make sure your server is public by adding the line... sv_lan "0" ... The rest, however, is up to you to figure out. In all-honesty, it's quite simple. Just don't think too hard.

    Well, that's as valuable I'm going to be in this subject. The next time someone asks me how to make a server, I'm simply going to direct you to either google, or this lovely post. Have a wonderful day! ;)

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